Reviver - Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

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Reviver is a premium responsive multipurpose VirtueMart theme which perfectly fits for any e-commerce website. With such features like this template has you can forget about other store templates. Here are some of them: attractive design and responsive layout, T3 framework for Joomla! 2.5.x which includes Bootstarp & LESS, ThemeMagic setting panel and SEO tools, mega menu and smart search, 3 layouts of home page and 3 different sliders such as Revolution, Flex and Camera sliders, multi-languages and multi currency, wishlist and product comparison, ajax drop-down shopping cart and price filter, list and grid view for category pages, product image zoom and lightbox, previous/next item navigation and custom tabs on product page, Facebook and Twitter plugins, extended documentation and much more… Still have some doubts? Then view our full list of features and live preview.

Main features:

Responsive layout


Makes the customization process easier by configuring unlimited parameters.

Revolution Slider component – save $25

You can design your slider with no css or jquery needed but with amazing effect.

Mega menu

Powerful menu system allows you to configure the width of the sub-megamenu, add column, and add class that style for it.

NEW! Izotope Displaying Products With Sorting and Filtering

On the main page you can specify the number of products you need without using carousels. Moreover, it’s possible to sort and filter them by plenty parameters.

NEW! Displaying Products in Tabs

On the main page you can show all the products in tabs such as Featured, New, Hit, Special, Random and Rated.

Switch on/off floating header option

If you want that the head section is scrolled with the rest of the content, then you can just switch it off via the admin panel.

Online documentation with videos

Read the online documentation and watch videos to learn more about this amazing theme.

All features:

  • Multipurpose design;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Based on Bootstrap & LESS;
  • T3 Framework for Joomla
  • Joomla! 2.5.x compatible;
  • Easy theme installation;
  • ThemeMagic;
  • SEO ready;
  • 6 different main page layouts;
  • 2 different Category page layouts;
  • 2 different Product page layouts;
  • 3 different sliders;
  • Revolution slider – save $25;
  • Unlimited colors;
  • Mega menu;
  • Smart search;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Real multi currency support;
  • Wishlist – save 36 €;
  • Product comparison;
  • Switch on/off floating header option;
  • Banner manager;
  • Possibility to adjust the layout for mobile devices via admin panel;
  • Touch enabled option for product sliders;
  • Ajax drop-down shopping cart;
  • Ajax price filter;
  • List and grid view;
  • Custom tabs on product page;
  • Prev/Next item navigation;
  • Customizable product images;
  • “Sale” and “Hot” labels;
  • Product image zoom and lightbox available;
  • Share icons on a product page;
  • “Recently Viewed Products” block;
  • Products review & rating;
  • Anti-spam captcha;
  • Newsletter subscibe;
  • “Join us on Facebook” plugin;
  • Twitter plugin;
  • Blog page;
  • Attractive hover effects and tooltips;
  • Google web fonts;
  • Iconic fonts;
  • 9 PSD files included;
  • Extended documentation;
  • Support & free updates.

Images for the preview were used from , and they are not included in the stock file.

For module you need to purchase activation code on official site. If you don’t need this function you can switch the module off.

Don’t forget to read the template documentation!


Version 1.6.1 – August 15th, 2013
- responsive version (custom-responsive.css);

Version 1.6 – August 11th, 2013

- izotope conditions when the sorting is switched off;
- izotope preloader;
- ajax in the Product Comparison component;
- replaced:
$menus      = &JSite::getMenu();
$menu      = $menus->getActive();
$menu = $app->getMenu();
$menu      = $menu->getActive(); 
because on some servers a string variable error was displayed;
- pagination on the Category and Search Results pages.

- 3 videos to the documentation: Quickstart Installation, Step-by-step installation (for advanced users) and Category & Product Page Layout Variations;
- new Category page layout;
- new Product page layout (with tabs and another related categories output);
- new Related products layout;
- new Front page layout;
- new hover effect for the product images;
- tooltip on the module tabs buttons;
- "Add to Cart" and "Notify" language constants were added to the module tabs;
- translation for the title in the default_recently.php file;
- preloader for the accordeon, tabs and product image on the Products page;
- hover effects for the layouts;
- the Category page layout variations: grid/list, list/grid, grid/list (layout 2), list/grid (layout 2), grid, list, grid (layout 2), list (layout 2);
- the Product page layout variations: default2related, layout2related, layout2related2;
- red color styles of modules and layout2 to ThemeMagic.
- Flex slider pagination styles to ThemeMagic;
- FancyBox plugin to the Product page. Now in the admin panel it's possible to choose how to display big product images: photoSwipe or FancyBox lightbox (plg_vmslider);
- script exception(com_virtuemart/assets/js/chosen.jquery.min.js) to the plg_jqueryeasy plugin;
- hover effect for the brand logos.

- reconnected the Related products script;
- Joomla!2.5.14, plg_k2_jcomments_j25_v1.3.1, plg_jcomments_avatar_j25_v4.1.1,;
- reconnected the carousel script in the Product module. It's used only when the default template is switched on;

Version 1.5.1 – August 2nd, 2013

IMPORTANT for clients who have version 1.4 or earlier: We forgot to add the izotop.min.js file to sources/\mod_virtuemart_product\js. Now it's added already. But if you use Quickstart Installation (, then this file is not needed for you. It's already included in

Version 1.5 – July 31st, 2013

- en-GB.tpl_t3_blank.ini language file (ThemeMagic constants);
- output for the shopping cart form adding form in the tabs module (mod_vm2_products). 

- A new template in the product module. It allows to specify the number of products per row instead of 1 row product carousel. Moreover in this new template you can use izotope sorting and filtering. A new On/Off button was added in the admin panel. (index.php/en/home/products-izotop);
- Language constants to the Shopping cart (mod_virtuemart_cart.xml). Also, mod_virtuemart_cart\languages\da-DK.mod_virtuemart_cart.ini was added;
- Tooltips for the related product buttons.

- Joomla!2.5.13;
- com_acymailing_starter_4.3.4_2013-07-05.
Version 1.4 – July 26th, 2013
- the conditions for the discounts on the Category, Product, Wishlist and Front VirtueMart pages;
- link for the Select Option button on the Compare Products page;
- category thumbnails (preview images);
- discounts in the products module. the carousel script was reconnected. The inisialization was changed. Now only one template for displaying is used (instead of the 3 ones);
- the related query was improved. The discounts, quantity check were fixed. The Wishlist button was filed. 

- Product tabs module;
- the Quantity constant on the Shooping Cart page;
- plugin for Youtube video on the Product page. Now in any product description you can add the following code {youtube}7ZZaEoL_DY8{/youtube}, where "7ZZaEoL_DY8" is video ID;
- a new layout for displaying for the products module.

Version 1.3 – July 19th, 2013

FIXED: Filter. 

Version 1.2 – July 18th, 2013

- The menu and the VirtueMart module script. 

- Because of the latest VirtueMart version and in order to avoid errors in the admin panel, some additional actions have been added to the Quickstart Installation in the documentation. 

- The dump file.

Version 1.1 – July 17th, 2013
- shopping cart on the Product comparison page;
- the Product comparison page (adding the products to the shopping cart);
- the duplicate of comparison when the product is deleted from the shopping cart;
- zoom and swipebox for IE8, IE9, IE10;
- script error when a product is deleted from the shopping cart;
- the CSS files;
- the output of the discounts and the "Sale" label. The values were changed in the array on the following pages: product module, category page, product page, related products block, front page, VirtueMart page (the "Shop" menu item) and Wishlist page;
- the conditions when the catalog is used for the following pages and modules: Product module, Category page, Product page, Front page and Wishlist page;
- the conditions for the price when in the admin panel the price value is 0 for the following pages and modules: Product module, Category page, Product page, Front page and Wishlist page;
- rewrite the verification for the "Notify Me" and "Select option" buttons for the following pages and modules: Product module, Category page, Product page, Front page and Wishlist page.

- settings to the scrollbar module and script (now the switch on/off floating header option is avalable );
- settings to ThemeMagic;
- several color variations in order to show that it's easy to change the main theme color;
- iconic font for the list/grid icons;
- the "step_order_level" condition for the quantity field when the product is added to the shopping cart for the following pages and modules: Product module, Category page, Product page, Front page and Wishlist page.

- VirtueMart to the latest version 2.0.22a;
- framework plugin to the version 1.4.0.
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