Humble. Responsive Multi-Purpose Drag n Drop Theme

2014/02/02: BIG update…

Humble is now built on top of Bootstrap! It is better than ever with Visual Composer included, a drag and drop page builder. The version 2 is a big refresh for 2014, keeping the same clean style of Humble the first, and adding responsive layout and more powerful tools to build your website! It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, and there is more to come…
This is a Premium WordPress Theme powered by Bootstrap, it uses the best frameworks out there to give you total control. Whether your a WordPress advanced user or a rookie, you’ll have absolutely no problems working with this theme. The Theme Options is very clear and easy to use!
You want to see a feature in this template? Drop me a comment and I’ll consider it!
Humble is fully compatible with the latest WordPress

Features :

  • Visual Composer, a drag and drop page builder : Include the best drap and drop page builder out there. Create stunning pages and layouts within a couple minutes. More than 40 configurable elements available to build your unique post, page or portfolio entry.
  • Exclusive Polaroid Slider : Try the Polaroid slider we’ve developed exclusively for Humble theme! It’s only available in my themes.
  • Unlimited Homepage Layout : Humble theme provides you tons of shortcodes to give you all the tools you need to have a unique homepage. You can change the main color too with one click… and it will be applied all over the website.
  • Custom Post types : We use the best function in WP3.0+ to manage easily Portfolio and Slides. We’ve named it “Portfolio”, but you can change its name and slug to whatever you want… Projects, passion, travel, ...
  • Theme Options : You can control almost everything from the Theme Options… The typography of the most important html tags (body, a, nav, h1, h2, h3, ...), advanced background settings, sliders options, lightbox options, and much more… Everything is packed into an easy panel for you to take over the template style and make it your own!
  • Advanced Background settings : Define as many backgroundsas you want : A main one for the whole website, and if you feel the need, you can set a different one on this post or that page you would like to hightlight!
  • Google fonts : Choose between beautiful hand picked fonts from Google fonts. More will be added in future updates or on request!
  • 4 Custom Widgets : Flickr stream, recent posts with thumbnails, latest portfolio entry with thumbnails, and a social widget with beautiful icons from 20 platforms.
  • Tons of shortcodes : Play with them and be creative with all the combination your can do (buttons, tabs, bootstrap columns, toggles, gallery, google maps, typography stuff, ...)
  • 4 Portfolio Layout : Choose between the layouts of your choice, and let people fall in love with your work or passion.
  • Edit the CSS values without touching a single line of code : We built a easy-to-use panel to edit the most important elements of the template. Don’t be afraid to customize your template even if you have no clue how CSS works, everything is simplified to make your life easier. Changing font-size or color for that header menu have never been so smooth (preview).
  • Child theme support : Keep the template updated using a child theme for your customization.
  • SEO Optimized : The template use the best practice of SEO.
  • Localization ready : The theme support localization for a quick translation in your language! (Already include English, French and Spanish files).
  • and much more…

What buyers says :

I purchased this template over a year ago. I has been a breeze to use, tweak, and maintain. The coding is clean and easy to dig into. And it looks great. I have had many people compliment me on the look of our site based on the Humble template. Kudos to the author! (@kmcconkey)
Just bought your theme and I’m very impressed, but your help section design and control panel is even more impressive than your theme. Well Done Sir. (@leaselink)
This is most impressive theme I have ever worked with!!!! Besides the “look of it” which is super modern and clean, it has also been SUPER easy to use. I have also found the documentation to be equally easy to follow. Thank you Twi!!!! (@yardena)
LOVE this theme and it is really flexible. Thank you for putting the work and developing this. Makes my job easier! (@nickshippers)
I highly recommend this theme! and the author is extremely helpful! (@Beandipjames)

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- 2014/02/10 - Version 2.0.6 :
  · Dropdown menu now open on mouse hover.

- 2014/02/10 - Version 2.0.5 :
  · Added new blank page template specially for Visual Composer to let you do more stuff (
  · Updated dummy data with new example

- 2014/02/07 - Version 2.0.4 :
  · Fixed WPBMap() bug in version 2.0.3

- 2014/02/06 - Version 2.0.3 :
  · Added Visual Composer (Drag n drop visual editor for your content! Yay!)

- 2014/02/04 - Version 2.0.2 :
  · Added child theme.
  · Added xml dummy files.

- 2014/02/02 - Version 2.0.0 :
  · Removed 960gs framework.
  · Added Bootstrap 3 framework.
  · WooCommerce compatible, with integrated design.
  · Removed crappy Timthumb, added Aqua-Resizer.
  · Polaroid Slider is now responsive.
  · Added menu in the footer.
  · Added Font awesome.
  · Tons of OS and Google fonts selection.
  · Better typography support (font color, font size, font family, font weight)
  · Cleaner portfolio layout.
  · Updated social widget with more Social website icons (check out the footer)
  · Better and well organized theme options.
  · Updated all .js plugins to the latest version.
  · All JS and CSS are loaded properly now.

- 2013/12/10 - Version 1.5 :
  · Compatible with WordPress 3.7

- 2012/10/24 - Version 1.4.3 :
  · Updated Twitter Widget with the new API.

- 2012/08/10 - Version 1.4.2 :
  · Fixed CSS for Chrome on the tabs homepage.

- 2012/07/12 - Version 1.4.1 :
  · Fixed CSS for the Flickr widget in the sidebar.

- 2012/06/17 - Version 1.4 :
  · Fully compatible with WordPress 3.4
  · Added an Instagram widget.
  · Enhanced Google Maps shortcode to add a folded effect over it.

- 2012/05/05 - Version 1.3.1 :
  · Fixed a timthumb.php issue.

- 2012/03/17 - Version 1.3 :
  · Admin bar now appears by default.
  · Fixed auto-scroll on the tabs when the first tab is open.
  · Fixed the font on Chrome for the tabs.

- 2012/03/03 - Version 1.2.9 :
  · Fixed some CSS issues.

- 2012/02/08 - Version 1.2.8 :
  · Fixed localization issue.

- 2012/02/08 - Version 1.2.7 :
  · Added Link possibility to the Polaroid Slider
  · Added an Order by to the portfolio items (date or order number, ASC or DESC)
  · Added a Widget for the portfolio items, width filter for each category.
  . Fixed some typo on the back end.

- 2012/02/03 - Version 1.2.6 :
  · Added automatic smooth scroll on the homepage when the 3 tabs are clicked.
  · Fixed the extra bullets on the sitemap.

- 2011/12/13 - Version 1.2.3 :
  · Polaroid Slider is now a jQuery Plugin! (more options to come soon)

- 2011/12/06 - Version 1.2.2 :
  · Fixed a CSS bug for the portfolio shortcode.

- 2011/11/24 - Version 1.2.1 :
  · Fixed a bug in the index.php file that appeared in the 1.2 version.

- 2011/11/16 - Version 1.2 :
  · Fixed ugly pixeleted icon for IE (Transparency).
  · Added custom.css in css folder.
  · Added 15 Google web font.
  · Added favicon upload from Theme Options.
  · Created default template for the homepage to show up latest blog posts
    after the first activation of the template

- 2011/11/12 - Version 1.1.9 :
  · Fixed bug of the 1.1.7 Version for the tabs.

- 2011/11/11 - Version 1.1.8 :
  · Added wp_footer() to the footer.php

- 2011/11/06 - Version 1.1.7 :
  · Fixed CSS on the homepage tabs for Firefox and IE.

- 2011/11/06 - Version 1.1.6 :
  · Updated social widget.

- 2011/10/28 - Version 1.1.5 :
  · Widget can now use shortcode.
  · Fixed css style.

- 2011/10/23 - Version 1.1.4 :
  · Updated blog shortcode (thumbnail are not showed in fullcontent mode)

- 2011/10/22 - Version 1.1.3 :
  · Updated blog shortcode (fullcontent mode now show image).
  · Updated tabs shortcode (can be now used in a page with sidebar).
  · Updated the documentation.
  · Fixed infinite bouncing thumbnail on the slider. (thanks to blazedd)

- 2011/10/19 - Version 1.1.2 :
  · Added pagination to blog shortcode.

- 2011/10/13 - Version 1.1 :
  · Added support of Localization (.po/.mo files).

- 2011/10/09 - Version 1.0.9 :
  · You can now choose the logo position (right/left) from the Theme Options.
  · Added full content possibility to blog shortcode.

- 2011/10/06 - Version 1.0.7 :
  · Added minitabs and toggle shortcode.

- 2011/10/06 - Version 1.0.6 :
  · You can now change the portfolio slug from theme options.

- 2011/10/06 - Version 1.0.5 :
  · Fixed a trackback issue.
  · Fixed a misspeling on comment.
  · Fixed the footer for Internet Explorer.

- 2011/10/06 - Version 1.0.4 :
  · Added style for table tag.

- 2011/10/05 - Version 1.0.3 :
  · Added a page template : Homepage with sidebar.
  · Possibility to show a title before and a description after the portfolio thumb.

- 2011/10/02 - Version 1.0.2 :
  · Added xml file to import live preview data.

- 2011/09/30 - Version 1.0 :
  · First release.

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